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Orange Goblin

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New LP time is finally upon us. Our critically acclaimed 10th studio album 'Science, Not Fiction' will be released on July 19th through Peaceville Records. Recorded over a few weekend sessions at Woodworm Studios in Oxfordshire at the tail end of 2023 by master producer/engineer Mike Exeter (Black Sabbath, Tony Iomi, Judas Priest).

See below for info and for links for pre-orders and merch bundles.

See you on the road!



Pic: Tina Korhonen



Released July 19th, Pre-Order Now!

Available Formats:

10 Track Double 45rpm Vinyl (Colour options)

10 Track Deluxe Digipack CD

9 Track CD

Click the button for pre-order/streaming options.


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Pic: Tina Korhonen

Booking Enquiries


Serious promoter or agent enquiries only. Unless you've got really deep pockets and a family brewery then we're not going to be playing your birthday party, wedding, funeral or Dave's back garden...don't ask.

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