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Orange Goblin Reviews

Here you'll find reviews of all things O.G. along with interviews we think might interest you.
If you find something you think we should see message us and let us know...
(pic by Kevin Nixon)

Reviews: Reviews

Metal Hammer

Ozzy Q&A

Ben Ward is one of the artists picked to question Ozzy in this wide ranging interview...

The Quietus

Columnus Metallicus - The Wolf Bites Back Review

'The Wolf Bites Back is Orange Goblin at their best'

Brave Words

Interview with Ben

'We spent a lot of our career being very self-deprecating and taking the piss out of ourselves. But when you get this far into your career, and achieved the sort of things we have, we’ve realized we’re here for a reason; we’re a fucking good band! We wanted to make that statement come across with this record.”

Ben Ward's Record Collection

Ben discusses various records in his collection - what's his favourite??

Distorted Sound Magazine

Interview with Martyn

Interview with Martyn on the new record, recording and Goblin life in general...

Overdrive Magazine

The Wolf Bites Back - Track by Track Guide

'...23 years of smashing out an endless stream of riffs has not only given Orange Goblin an air of authority over their lyrical and musical craft, but has allowed them to comfortably straddle a few genres as they see fit, rather than being pidgeonholed in the stoner den.'

The Obelisk

The Wolf Bites Back - Review

'The Wolf Bites Back summarizes much of what’s always been righteous in Orange Goblin‘s sound - it shows them at the top of their game'


The Wolf Bites Back - Review

'The Wolf Bites Back is arguably Orange Goblin’s finest album yet, and deserves to make global superstars of these London legends.'

Decibel Magazine

The Wolf Bites Back - Review

'Now on their ninth LP, Orange Goblin slam another round of shots for lost heavy metal pioneers while revving their chopper engines on The Wolf Bites Back.'


In Depth Interview with Ben

Great interview with Ben where he discusses the trials and tribulations of being in Orange Goblin, the new album, life and almost everything....

Wonderbox Metal

The Wolf Bites Back - Review

'Containing very well-written songs that are massively enjoyable and infectiously catchy and memorable, Orange Goblin have once again returned with a roaringly good album. The Wolf Bites Back is definitely up their with the best of them that the band have penned.'

Mick Birchall Reviews

The Wolf Bites Back - Review

'The Wolf Bites Back brings that energy that no one else can duplicate. It's another album that traverses all manner of rock, metal and blues. With pin precision they are able to change their tone, their very mood from track to track.'

Music Radar

In Depth Interview with Joe

...About life in OG, the recording process, his influences and his white SG...

Worship Metal

An Interview with Martyn

A little catch up with Mart prior to the release of the new record - rates the OG records in order as well....Also gives us record of the week in the review which you can read HERE

Battle Helm

The Wolf Bites Back - Review

'...their most diverse yet strongest collection of songs to date.'

Louder Than War

The Wolf Bites Back - Review

' damn sure delivers what you’d expect from such a top class rock band such as Orange Goblin.'

Echoes & Dust

The Wolf Bites Back - Review

 ' is the sound of a band that have only continued to learn from their own experiences and to strengthen as musicians and songwriters. Orange Goblin 2012 – 2018 is a force that will undoubtedly stand the test of time and solidifies their legacy as one of the countries premier heavy metal acts. Older, wiser and stronger, the wolf bites back again and it’s not showing any signs of losing its appetite any time soon.'

Maximum Volume

The Wolf Bites Back - Review

'The best thing about it though, is that for all its differences, it still sounds like Orange Goblin, still sounds like the band they always were, and the progression is entirely natural. This wolf though, doesn’t run with the pack, but then Orange Goblin never ever did.'


The Wolf Bites Back - Track by Track Breakdown...

'The Wolf Bites Back is everything that Orange Goblin should be: aggressive, raw, bluesy, ballsy, and still heavy as hell.'

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